Sunday, January 30, 2011

Motivation vs Motives

Motive, incentive, stimulus, stimulation, inspiration, inducement, incitement, enthusiasm, drive, ambition, initiative, determination;  & just good old fashion get-up-and-go. All these are words that all mean the same thing. As we age & time goes on we start to develop a profound understanding of oneself & the things that we want, and how important they are to us. So we set forward with goals and dreams. We all have our reasons. Being able to wear certain things & feeling comfortable in it, vanity, confidence, distressing, and just preparation for battle {sports}.  These are some of the major reason that fuel our motivation or ignite our motives. I can list a ton more but that may take the whole day to read that blog. But whatever they are we have them. As we have all types of things that motivate us being it {visual, physical, mental or verbal}, we also have just as many excuses, with so many to count its just shameless to even let them count for more than just one sentence. Remember excuses are for the weak & incompetent

What I have found helps me is a few things one being this blog, it keeps me accountable to you & myself; the other is keeping 2 types of journals {food & fitness}. You can create these anyway you see fit to help you keep information up-to-date & organized. I’ll share a few of the piece that make up my journals. Lets start with the food journal. I start my writing down the 
  • time that I start & end my meal, this is important if you are a fast eater like myself. 
  • What I’m eating & the portions. 
  • *If I have any additional information I add that as well [calories, fat, protein, fiber, & sodium etc]. 
  • how I feel after each meal & how do I feel at the end of the day.
This all depends how you have structured your new eating habits.
Now on to the fitness journal, this where I enter a lot more information: I start of my journal with   

*This is done only once every 12 weeks or however long you have set for your goals, that's totally up to you.
12-Week Goals
Please write down 5 specific goals that you will achieve over the course of the next 12-weeks.
Please write down 3 reasons you have decided to achieve your 12-week goals
Transforming Patterns of Actions
Please write down 3 patterns of action that you need to transform in order to successfully achieve your 12-week goals.
Old Pattern:
New Pattern:
Then the next part of the fitness journal is what I plan each and every day, everything from working out to meditation. Being prepared is what lets you know what needs to be accomplished. I write down the
  • Time I start & end each workout
  • Each exercise done
  • The sets & reps for each exercise
  • Weight used on each set
  • *The amount of rest between each set
  • *Also any notes that may help make the workouts better.

At the end of each day I take time to either plan the next days workout if I haven’t already done so & to answer some mental homework. This is what keeps me even more accountable.

*This is done daily at the end of the day {or when your time permits}.
The Power Mindset
Please write down 5 things you can do between now and this time tomorrow that will help you move forward in the direction of your 12-week goals.
The Universal Law of Reciprocation
Please write down 2 things you can do between now and this time tomorrow to support and encourage others.
Focus on Progress, Not Perfection
Please write down 3 things you did very well today that helped you move forward the achievement of your 12-week goals.

*Please write down 1 thing you will do even better tomorrow

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Love Yourself as God loves you,
Live Love Train.

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